J3PRemoteDesktop 5.1



  • 100% Java,multiplatform also support j2me device
  • work over firewall and nat


    The All in One 100% Java Solution for Remote Access, Remote Support and Desktop Share over Internet. Java Remote Desktop can connect all PC, that suppor Java,over the World Wide Web in a few of seconds. Directly from your smartphone you can view documents and all your PC as if you were sitting in front of it! Is available J3RemoteDesktopMobile, to manage your PC directly from your smartphone or devices that support J2ME. Version 3.0 anable installation as Service on Windows vista or superior. You can manage login/logout user change etc... File transfer it's100% Java, multiplatform and support all j2me device. Not need administrator right to install. Not need known partens'ip and it work over firewall and nat. Can be installed as runnable jar or web start application. All people whose want share pc over internet also from j2me device. I con be used to pc mantenece or to see from remote document, mail, all application installed on you pc.

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    J3PRemoteDesktop 5.1

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    • by Anonymous

      Good java app.
      good java remote desktop. You can share youre desktop or make presentation and not need to known...   More